Stakes Critique – Gill Andrew


It was an honour to be asked to be the referee and judge the Stakes, Progeny and Brace classes at this show. It is hard to believe that it is such a long time ago that I, together with a group of like minded friends, decided to set up this Club and I remember being so nervous when we held our first show 25 years ago. It is so rewarding to see the Club going from strength to strength over the years.


1. Trouton’s Citycroft Grace Kelly Of Runnel JW. A parti colour bitch of the correct size and who is shown in a beautifully fit condition. She has a lovely head with the darkest of pigment with a long graceful neck leading to a well laid shoulder. Her topline has the correct slight curve over the loin, leading to strong well muscled quarters. Moved with true daisy cutting action and was in perfect harmony with her handler.

2. Strong & Clinton’s Amphoros Magiq In Vogue By Mackjama, brindle bitch of lovely shape and type. Pretty head with good neck leading to a well laid shoulder. Nice bladed bone with strong pasterns and neat feet. Very deep brisket. Moved out true fore and aft but just tended to flatten her topline on the move today.

3. Taylor’s Willingwisp Moment Of Hope To Musblaiks 

PROGENY (2–1 abs)

1. Allen’s Ch Zoraden Gingerbread Latte JW, this dog stood at the head of a line of beautiful offspring, all of which were of a similar type and shape.

BRACE (6) – what a lovely class to judge.

1. Reed & Page’s brace of fawns, these bitches were so well matched from their head markings, down to their toes. They moved together in perfect harmony.

2. Webber’s pair of blacks – shown in the most gorgeous black shiny coats, again they matched each other beautifully and moved well together

Gill Andrew