Dogs Critique

I had been looking forward to this appointment for quite a while and the whole day did not disappoint. From the kind hospitality of the South West Whippet Club through to my super entry of dogs, this judging appointment will go down in the memory book as a day to remember most fondly. I was incredibly pleased with the entry of one hundred and twenty males and, despite the adverse weather conditions outside, there were only twenty absentees on the day. It was a pleasure to judge alongside Catherine Fisher-Home who was the bitch judge and together, we agreed on the majority of the ‘Best of’ awards with the Referee just required for declaring RBIS.

I must thank all of the exhibitors who entered their Whippets. I had some excellent classes to judge and I was thrilled with my final line-up, with examples of the breed demonstrating the elegant, unexaggerated outline a Whippet should hold as well as having the easy, daisy cutting stride so characteristic of the breed on the move. My DCC winner caught my attention from the moment he entered the ring all the way through to the hotly contested challenge. The Open Dog class was truly memorable, filled with so many quality hounds – I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to go over so many wonderful Whippets. Finally, I must thank both stewards and Chairperson Mary Rigby and all her team for running such a wonderful club championship show.

Veteran Dog (10)

1st – Ch. Zoraden Gingerbread Latte JW. 7 year old, red fawn. Secured this class on his overall shape which is so classic, both on the stand and when moving. Handsome head, well proportioned and dark eye. Flowing neck into excellent front assembly. Straight forelegs, correct feet. Super underline and topline which just create an eye-catching outline of gentle curves. Very well balanced throughout. Good bend of stifle leading into proportionate length of second thigh. Moved out effortlessly with the desired action fore and aft, and true coming and going. BVD & BVIS.

2nd – Ch/Int/Ir Ch. Collooney Jayhawk. 7 year old, lemon brindle and white parti. Pleasing head with dark pigmentation and correct rose shaped ears. Neck elegant and well placed, not quite the shoulder of 1. Good depth of chest, length of body and slight arch over the loin. Ribs well sprung. Rear construction was good with bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Another who moved out strongly, true out and back and with a lovely low reaching front action in profile. Just preferred the balance of 1.

3rd – Ashkyem Bigstar.

Minor Puppy Dog (10)

What a class of promising puppies. The first two puppies, in particular, were very exciting and made this second decision of the day a close one. I will watch both with much interest as their careers develop.

1st – Aarminias Dragon Lord of Danluke. 6 months, pale fawn and white trim. What a lovely puppy this boy is. He truly excels in head, well proportioned with balanced length of foreface, beautiful dark eyes and exquisite pigmentation. Elegantly arched neck leading into well laid shoulder. For one so young, he already has a good depth of chest which gently curves to create lovely underline to complement his topline with good length of body and a slightly arched, strong loin. Rear assembly is correctly balanced. On the move, he covers the ground well with the all-important low reaching stride in front and propulsion in the rear. He put on a superb showman performance first thing in his class right the way through to the challenges at the end of the day. A credit to his connections. BPD & BPIS.

2nd – Collooney Eye Love To Tease At Stonefox. 7 month, brindle and white trim. This young pup ticks so many boxes for me and, to use a bit of a cliché, is ‘my cup of tea’! Correct head with slight stop, oval eye, correct ear shape and desired chiselling – handsome yet still elegant. Neck is of a good length and well placed leading into a pleasing lay of shoulder. Slight spring of pastern and tight, well knuckled feet. He is longer in cast than 1 and I would prefer a fraction less length to his second thigh but he presents a very exciting picture and I look forward to seeing how he matures. Shown in beautiful condition with fine, glossy coat and good musculature. He comes into own on the move with superb movement both in profile and coming and going.

3rd – Oakbark Marksman for Railfield.

Puppy Dog (12,2a)

This class was not as strong as Minor Puppy Dog.
1st – Railfield Rainomen for Silkdance. 11 month, fawn. Correct sized Whippet of pleasing type and not extreme in any way. Easy winner of the class. Good head with dark eye and kind expression. Balanced throughout with well laid shoulder, good return of upper arm and well assembled rear to complement the fore construction. Deep chest and desired spring to rib, curvy in both top and underlines. On the move, he was honest with true front and rear movement coming and going and holding his shape in profile.

2nd – Zoraden Bright Star. 11 month, parti. He excels in head with a beautiful kind eye, strength of foreface and well proportioned skull. Neck is strong yet gracefully arched. Shoulder placement is well laid. Would prefer more length of ribcage and he can fall away a little in topline over the loin. Muscled rear with balanced length of first and second thigh and hocks well let down. On the move, he demonstrates the desired low reaching profile action in front which is accompanied by good rear propulsion.

3rd – Treviskey Candylad by Alacrity.

Junior Dog (9,2a)

1st – Stonefox Mean Mr Mustard. 12 months, brindle and white trim. This young dog oozes quality, combining masculinity with elegance and power. He is balanced throughout. Handsome head, lovely neck and well constructed front assembly. Excellent depth of chest, good length of rib leading into a pleasing loin. Super topline with curves in the right places. Unexaggerated in the rear with good bend of stifle. He really comes into his own on the move with a super easy stride, true out and back. Easily secured his place at the top of this class and also a contender in the dog challenge.

2nd – Kiaruka Mother of Mercy. 17 months, fawn. Built from a larger cast to 1 and altogether heavier throughout. Plenty to like about this dog, pleasing head with dark pigmentation leading into a strong neck. He has an excellent shoulder with desired return of upper arm and forelegs set well under his body. Well sprung ribs and powerful loin. Good rear construction with hocks well let down. He moves out very soundly with correct action fore and aft.

3rd – Ranveli Lemon Lush.

Yearling Dog (10,1a)

1st – Chilmark Runner. 23 month, brindle and white. This young dog really appealed for being a very honest example of the breed. Although a little heavy in build, he excels in his balance and shape. Very handsome head with alert expression and correct rose shape ears which he used well. Elegantly arched neck, well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm. Deep chest which gently curved to create a lovely underline. Also
shapely in topline with the slight arch over loin leading into a well balanced rear. Moved out steadily with correct action and he was really shown to give of his best.

2nd – Collooney Drag Queen for Chapleigh. 16 months, dark brindle. Different type to 1 and not as assured in temperament. Well balanced, masculine head although would prefer more pigmentation around the eye. Good length of neck, well constructed front with straight forelegs and correct bone. He can fall away in topline on the stack so does not have the balance of 1. His strength is his movement which displays the correct action required for the breed with daisy cutting front movement and drive from behind.

3rd – Lolani Moonshine Over Monelli.

Novice Dog (7,3a)

1st – Aarminias Dragon Lord of Danluke.
2nd – Zoraden Bright Star.
3rd – Bryntreia Sea of Love.

Special Beginners Dog (7)

1st – Palmik Ace of Spades. 2 year old, dark brindle and white. Eye-catching dog who appealed for his type and lovely size. Well proportioned head, dark oval eye, neat rose shaped ears. Good neck of pleasing length and gracefully arched. He is a little upright in upper arm and this shows on the move as I would prefer greater fluidity in fore movement and flexion at the pastern. Deep chest and pleasing length of rib, I would prefer a fraction more length to loin. Rear is well constructed with good muscletone, correct bend to stifle and well let down hocks. On the move, he is sound out and back and displays drive from behind. Shown in super condition.

2nd – Jasarat Salted Caramel of Macalldon JW. 22 months, blue fawn parti. Overall larger and stronger in build than 1 but there is so much to like about this young dog. Handsome head, with the kind, alert expression so typical of the breed. Lovely length of neck, well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm. He is altogether longer in body and less compact than 1. Excellent depth of chest and powerful loin. Straight forelegs and his rear is strong and correctly constructed too. He is expertly handled and shown in great condition. Moved out well both in profile and coming and going.

3rd – Runnel Run for Fun.

Graduate Dog (9,3a)

1st – Stonefox Ice Pick Willy at Runforest. 12 months, brindle and white, litter brother to the Junior Dog class winner. This young dog was my find and surprise of the day. He really appealed for his type and quality, correct build, superb movement and overall performance. Masculine head, slight stop, dark oval eye and a melting expression. Super length and placement of neck leading into a well laid shoulder. Straight forelegs set well under his body, slight spring to pasterns. He is incredibly balanced with proportionate length of body, loin and then rear. Curvy in both top and underlines. I could not take my eye off him on the move – he covered the ground effortlessly with a low reaching front stride and excellent drive from the rear. True out and back and always holding his shape. This Whippet was the dog I kept thinking of as the classes progressed and he did not disappoint in the challenge. He is a young boy and in Best In Show, the bitch just edged it on maturity and development; I certainly felt an excitement going over this dog and was delighted to award him the ticket. DCC & BOS.

2nd – Chaseover Marble Rolls On. 2½ year old, lemon brindle parti. A handsome dog who is altogether more extreme in angles than 1. Pleasing head with dark eye. Nicely arched neck. He could have a greater lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Lovely substance of bone and straight forelegs, correct feet. Gently curving underline from the elbow to his flanks. Well sprung ribs and strong loin. Tail correct set and rear well constructed. He earned his placement in this class from his movement which was sound and accurate, appealing in particular in the profile.

3rd – Lolani Moonshine over Monelli.

Post Graduate Dog (8,0a)

1st – Nattah Echo In The Mist Over Macalldon. 5 year old, blue fawn. I have always admired this Whippet, awarding him a BP at an open show and often finding my eye drawn to him when watching him ringside. He has a classic outline for the breed and his qualities should not be overlooked. Elegant head, refined yet undeniably male. Gently arched neck leading into good lay of shoulder. Lovely straight front and correct feet. He really excels in his top and under lines with curves in the right places. Unexaggerated rear which is well balanced. An honest mover, going out soundly and true both fore and aft. A lovely example of the breed.

2nd – Palmik Ace of Spades.
3rd – Railfield Rainoir At Sharmus JW.

Mid Limit Dog (7,2a)

1st – Aarminias Luv The Way You Lie JW. 2½ year old, brindle and white trim. Whenever I looked at this dog, both during his individual assessment and when relaxed elsewhere in the class, he always stood so correctly – he is very well constructed and oozes quality. Correct for size and textbook in shape. Lovely head, super neck and excellent front assembly. Good depth of chest and tuck up in underline and there is nothing I would change with his topline. Rear construction is balanced complemented by excellent muscle condition. On the move, he is true in front and back action coming and going. He has reach in front and holds his super shape too. Would just prefer more drive in the rear. Really pleased to have the opportunity to judge this lovely Whippet.

2nd – Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance JW. 2 year old, fawn. Different in type to 1 but another of correct size. Pleasing head with correct ear set. Lovely length of neck and correct lay of shoulder with accompanying return of upper arm. Front legs set well under body with deep chest and well sprung ribs. Shapely throughout with curvy top and under lines. Lovely rear construction, well bent stifle and let down hocks. He is an honest example of the breed. Moved out well, accurate in profile and coming and going.

3rd – Kierpark Hello Love JW.

Limit Dog (11,1a)

1st – Railfield Rainmaster JW. 3 year old, brindle. Secured this class win on his soundness and overall balance. Would prefer more definition of stop in his head. Neck is well muscled while still elegantly arched. Excellent lay of shoulder and pleasing return of upper arm. Correct feet, well knuckled and set on strong pads. Lovely spring of rib and good length of body. Would prefer a little less length of loin as he can fall away slightly in topline. Very well balanced rear with good bend of stifle and hocks let down. His movement is his strongest virtue where he covers the ground very well with a low reaching front stride and plenty of propulsion from behind, true in both profile and fore and aft.

2nd – Palmik Hearts on Fire. 4½ year old, brindle. Preferred this dog’s head over that of the winner, lovely shape of skull, length of foreface and expression. Good neck leading into a well constructed front with slightly sprung pasterns and straight forelegs. He is a little short on leg for his overall length but he has a curvy underline and sufficient curve in topline to create a pleasing outline. Rear is well angulated and not exaggerated with good muscletone. Moved out very well, sound in coming and going and accurate in profile movement. There is plenty to like about this dog, he just needs to show himself off more to complete the performance.

3rd – Palmik King of Clubs JW.

Open Dog (13,4a)

Wow, what a class to have the honour to judge – it was a complete joy. As an exhibitor, one always looks forward to watching Open Dog and, at present, this really is a strongly fought for competition with so many classy exhibits.

1st – Ch. Falconcrag Class Act For Dewerstone JW ShCM. 4 year old, pale fawn. For me, this dog personifies elegance, power and masculinity. He is so balanced throughout and oozes the qualities that one looks for in the breed. There are no extremities, just flowing lines from nose to tail. Handsome head, lovely oval eye, correct ear set and gracefully arched neck. Excellent front and rear assembly with the accompanying correct top and under lines to complete the picture of curves. Very accurate on the move, daisy cutting front action, plenty of rear propulsion and sound out and back. In my notes, I have written ‘cannot fault him’ which I think says it all. RCC in super competition today.

2nd – Ch. Collooney Eye Love You At Stonefox. 3 year old, golden fawn. There is so much to like about this dog who has really come into his own now fully matured. He excels in his shape and type, possessing that Whippet expression which is so typical and desired in the breed. He is not overdone in any way. Masculine head, lovely length in neck, super shoulder and return of upper arm. Balanced length of body and loin, slight arch over the loin, super tuck up, and excellent rear construction. On the move, he holds your eye with his effortless action and excellent shape. In my notes for this boy, I have written ‘a dream on the move’ and as the sire of my DCC winner, JD winner and 2nd in MPD, I can see that he has passed on this quality to his offspring.

3rd – Ch. Danluke Lord Of The Dance JW.

Special Lure Coursing or Racing Dog (7,2a)

1st – Collooney Candyman At Alacrity. 4½ year old, fawn. Up to size but he still holds a pleasing outline and shape. Masculine headpiece, good neck leading into an excellent shoulder which secured him the win in this class. Correct topline and shapely in underline as well. Presented in hard muscular condition with soft coat and supple skin. Although he could possess more enthusiasm on the move, he is very sound and true coming and going and displayed correct profile action too.

2nd – Zoraden Paint It Black. 2½ year old, brindle. Handsome head of good proportions, dark eye with kind expression. Straight forelegs and correct feet. Would prefer greater lay of shoulder to complete the front assembly. Lovely depth of chest with ribs set back sufficiently and good tuck up in underline. Well balanced rear with desired bend of stifle and let down hocks. Moved out accurately and was parallel fore and aft coming and going.

3rd – Florancy Hot Shot.