May I firstly thank the committee for inviting me to judge at your open show. Thank you also to my ring stewards and exhibitors for the sporting way they excepted my decisions. All dogs were presented in nice clean condition but a few had teeth and nails which need attention.


MPD (5,2) 1 Bennetts Alamayn Endevren. Quality f/w puppy nice head with lovely expression and neat ears, lengthy neck, straight front with good bone and feet. Good depth of brisket for his age, good turn of stifle and moved well. Presented in excellent condition. RES Best puppy. 2 Gower Courtbirch Storm warning. Another nice puppy, just right for his age just preferred winner on the day. 3 Severn Courtbirch Wind of Change For Nattah.

PD (1) 1 Johnstone Lavebella Empire born to run. Pleasing head and expression, would prefer better return of upper arm, strong well muscled quarters.

JD (3) 1 Howgate and hull Palmik Whisper again JW. B/w Parti Eyecatching quality youngster, lovely head and expression, excellent length of neck, good shoulders, and top line, strong well angulated quarters, every part of this dog fits together smoothly, moved with reach and drive in total harmony with his clever handler. In sparkling condition, one im sure will join the upper house. Best Dog. 2 James Drakesoak Rum Punch. B/W parti. I like this dog very much was just unlucky to meet the winner on the day. 3 Trouton Runnel Run for Fun.

MD (5) 1 Severn Refeljando Ennegra. B/W with nice outline, today gave his handler a hard time and did not move well. Shown in very nice condition. 2 Thomas Nattah Lord of Sirius. B/W Parti, nice size but today did not move well. 3 Severn Nattar Kiss of Snow.

GD (5,2) 1 Howgate and Hulls Palmik Whisper again JW. 2 Severn Nattar Silver Lining. Nicely constructed quality boy, but today didn’t move well. 3 Thomas Nattar Sweet William.

PGD (7-2) 1 Wayman Crème Anglaise’s one more night at Scarlett Fair. F/W Parti, Quality male of ideal size nice head with neat ears, lenthy neck and clean shoulders, good topline, shown in nice condition, moved well. Reserve Best Dog. 2 Tope Bryarose Theseas at Dewerstone. Quality dog shown in excellent condition just did not move so well behind today. 3 Leathart & Skelly Ringmoore Dalrymple.

LD (9,2) 1 Waymen Speymalt Northen Star. Quality male, with nice head and expression, good reach of neck, straight front with well placed shoulder good depth and overall balance, clean lines expertly handed to get the best out of him. 2 Courtney Courtbirch Force of Nature. Very nicely constructed quality male with strong quarters moved well. 3 James Drakesoak Halloween Twist.

OD (7,3) 1 Tope Falconcrag Class Act for Dewerstone J.W. Sh CM. Fale fawn with white trim, nice head with lovely expression, neat ears lovely reach of neck, straight front, excellent topline and underline, strong quarters, with correct turn of stifle and short hocks. Moved well, excellent condition. 2 Boughton DanLuke Double tango with Ipanema. R/F with white trim, lovely dog out of slightly smaller mould, lovely head and neck, straight front, nice shoulder angulation excellent topline, did not move as well as I know he can today. 3 Neale Storm along romantic Romeo.

VD (5-2) 1 Norman Jarmane Blue Topaz. Lovely 9.5 year old quality blue, excellent substance and bone, very good shoulder angulation good depth of brisket strong quarters, moved out wel in lovely condition. 2 Andrew CityCroft Rule the world at Sharmus. Very nice quality dog shown with most beautiful fine skin and coat. 3 Clilverd Monelli Mississippi.

SPECIAL LURE COURSING RACING DOG (9) 1 Webber Dark Wing. Black dog shown in gleaming condition lovely head with gentle expression neat ears lengthy neck into well laid shoulders, smooth topline well balanced unextravigated strong quarters moved and showed well. 2 Chamberlain Collooney Candyman at Alacrity. Fawn dog out of larger mould than 1 excellent construction standing over plenty of ground, showed and moved well. 3  Logan Dawesy Choice Moonlight Run.

Sp  Height D  (7,1) 1 Weymans Crème Anglaise’s one more night at Scarlett Fair (Imp Ned). 2 Leathart and Skelly Ringmoore Del Rymple. Fawn very whippet straight front smooth outline not extravagated in any way sound mover. 3 Trouton Runnel Run for Fun.


MPB (6,3) 1 Rees & Jones Kier Park Careless Whisper. Bridal, Very much a baby, nice head with nice gentle expression, neat ears good overall balance very femine, moved well, must surely have a bright future.2 Courtney Courtbirch Diamond Dust. Pale Fawn, I like this puppy very much, set up was a lovely shape very femine curly lines moved well. 3 Bennett Alamayn Elegance.

PB (6,3) 1 Howgate & Hull Palmik Misty Eve. Pale fawn what a star. Comands attention on entering the ring, such composure for one so young, excellent whippet type, curves in all the right places, excellent construction with correct bend of stifle and strong hocks, enabed her to move with ease. Prsented and handled beautifully, she is sure to gain her crown. Best Puppy and BEST IN SHOW. 2 Richards’ Healion Clynecourt Colour me Cool. Nice puppy out of smaller mould than one, she was very unsettled on the table after a fright at a previous show I think. 3 Spring Trevisky Miss Valentine.

JB (5,1) 1 Webber Zoraden Darkest Wings. Black presented in excellent condition nice head with sweetest expression, good front with well laid shoulders good depth of brisket with smooth topline strong quarters with short hocks. Moved well handled to best advantage. Res Best Bitch.2 Baulsh Erinnes mignonette. Fawn white trim excellent shoulders and neck standing over plenty of ground, moved well. 3 Peacock Drakesoak Hot Toddy.

MAIDEN (7,2) 1 Hoare Tormor Many Clouds. Quality fawn, lovely fine skin and coat, balanced construction, good top line & underline, strong well developed quarters moved well. 2 Severn Magia Blanca. B/w Parti, well balanced neck and shoulder, correct top line, strong quarters, but sadly did not move well today. 3 Yates & Gooding Layandy Mustang Sally.

N (6) 1 Baulch Whisterfield Je, Ne Sais Quaoi. Pale Fawn, nice shape and size, pretty head, lovely eyes and excellent under jaw, straight front good bone and feet. 2 Richards-Healion Clynecourt Colour me Classy. Fawn parti, nice type would prefer better shoulder angulation moved ok. 3 Spring Treviskey Miss Valentine.

GB (11,5) 1 Webber Zoraden Darkest Wings. 2 Leathart Galatea. Fawn Parti nice head and expression neat ears excellent shoulders can stand a little narrow in front stands over plenty of ground. 3 Ree & Jones Kierpark in the Name of Love.

PGB (6,2) 1 Peacock Drakesoak Hubble Bubble. B/W Trim Quality girl with nice head and expression and good shoulder angulation straight front and nice bone, neat feet, good topline, strong well angulated quarters moved well in lovely condition. 2 Richards Jimanica JollyJupes. Fawn out of larger mould than one, excellent shoulder angulation straight well filled front and shown in excellent condition. 3 Fletcher Bruntsfield Beatnik at Shuleah.

LB (9,4) 1 Molyneux Molvine Queen Elizabeth. Fawn that I liked very much, for her correct whippet type lovely head with beautiful eyes nice neck and shoulder, nice depth of brisket, correct topline and under line, strong quarters moved well and presented in beautiful condition showed well. 2 Ree & Jones Kierpark whos that girl. Brindle with white trim of lovely size excellent front, nice topline strong quarters moved well but not always at one with her handler. 3 Courtney Spyanfly Saucy Socks at Courtbirch.

OB (7-3) 1 Leathart Molvine Zoe. Fawn Parti, litter sister to my limit winner, I remember this girl when she first came out, quality correct whippet type, harmonious construction, lovely smooth outline. Quality girl. 2 Hoare Flakey Dove.  Fawn white trim has same sir as winner, correct body shape good shoulders topline and quarters, moved well. 3 Harding Copsebury cream Cracker.

Vet b  (10,5) 1 James Drakesoak Someone Special. B/w Parti Lovely quality 8.5 year old nice head with gentle expression excellent under jaw nice shoulder angulation giving correct front. Good topline nice body length moved and showed well. Best Veteran In show. 2 Wayman Cornstalk Majic Star of Scarletfair. Fawn white trim, looking really well very feminine really enjoying her dog out. 3 Moonlake Mercedes.

SPECIAL LURE COURSING OR RACING (12-4) 1 Webber Zoraden Darkest Wings. 2 Leathart & Skelly Ringmore Day Lily. Fawn of nice size very feminine sweetest head and eyes moved well. 3 Trouton Runnel Run for fun.

SPECIAL HEIGHT (11,5) 1 Dalgleish Harerunner Hedgehunter. Beautiful dark blue, gave her handler a hard time, lovely quality in a small package. Lovely head gentle expression neat ears, correctly constructed body, good top line strong quarters moved well when at one with handler in lovely condition. 2 Leathart & Skelly Ringmore Day Lily. 3 Peacock Drakesoak Rainbow Dancer.

MARGARET IRONSIDE MEMORIAL OPEN STAKES (5,1) 1 Webber Dark Wing. 2 Leathart Molvine Zoe. 3 Neale Stormalong Romantic Romeo.

PROGENY (4,1) 1 James Drakesoak Someone special. 2 Courtney Courtbirch force of nature. 3 Logan Dawesychoice Moon Light Run.

BRACE (6,1) 1 Webbers. 2 M Leathartr Skelly. 3 Norman.

Ruth Perrett