Bitch Critique Feb 18

South West Whippet Club
BITCHES: I would like to thank the committee of SWWC for their kind hospitality and invitation for me to judge bitches at their well organised and friendly show, making my co-judge Jackie White and I so very welcome. It was a good entry and I had so many lovely bitches to go over. Special thanks go to Jean and Sarah my very able stewards who helped my day run smoothly. I was looking for a sound, balanced little hound with substance, but essentially feminine and of course portraying correct movement. I will just comment that there does seem to be more and more Whippets with shorter limbs now. Not something we want in the breed. BCC and BIS was Morriss and Waddell’s, Ch. Nothing Compares to You at Crosscop. DCC, RBIS and BOS was Tope’s, Ch. Falcohcrag Class Act for Dewarstone. BP was Dufty and Morelands’, Triken One Last Dream. RBCC was Lemperut’s, Mulit Ch. Bluesprings Jivenchy. RDCC was Robertson’s Moonlake My Way.

VB (13,2) 1 Reese’s Hazelnut Honeycomb. Sweet fawn of correct size that is sound all through. Old fashioned type with feminine head set on a long neck that runs into well laid shoulders. Correct front. Good depth of brisket and topline. Moved well and seemed to be enjoying her day out. 2 Vaughan’s, Shirotae Silken Lady. Lovely gold fawn and white bitch of 11 years. Flowing outline from nose to tail. She has a beautiful head and expression. Correct front with lovely bone and feet with spring of pastern. Well angulated fore and aft. She itermittently favoured a leg, hence her place here. 3 Hill’s, Ch. Shimmeree Black Winceyette.

MPB (16,3) 1 Carlton and Onley’s, Chiendetom Overture. Classy fawn of 8 months. Looking very mature for her age. Pretty head set on a long neck that leads to correct shoulder placement. She has a good clean front with right amount of bone. Just needs to drop into herself. She has the correct topline that she retains on the move. Sound quarters with good bend of stifle. Moved well around the ring but still needs to settle in front. 2 Wignall’s, Crosscop the Wonder of You at Starswift. Pretty 7 month old fawn bitch with lovely outline. Looking very much the baby she is. Good clean front, well covered with nice length of ribcage and loin. She has sound sweeping hindquarters with nice low hocks and good second thigh. Moved and performed well for her owner. 3 Morris and Waddell’s, Crosscop Let it Shine.

PB (9) 1 Brown’s, Ardencote Sweet Destiny for Bluestreak. Beautiful pale fawn/white bitch of 9 months. Oh, so feminine! She has a gorgeous head, neat ears and strong jaw and sweetest expression all set on a long arched neck. Correct front and depth of brisket with nice spring of rib. Gentle rise over the loin which leads on down to her curvy hindquarters with her nice low hocks and good second thigh. She moved out well in all good second thigh. The one I wanted to take home. BPB and RBPIS. 2 Gibbins’ Osterfen Speculos. Lovely pale fawn parti of 10 months. Well balanced all through with correct forehand and lovely bone and feet. She has a nice long ribcage and strong over the loin with good tuckup. Shapely hindquarters with good bend of stifle. Correct, fluent movement showing her daisy cutting front action. Two lovely girls. 3 Hill’s Shimmeree Black Liberty.

JB (14) 1 Service’s, Crosscop I Love My Life. Scopey gold fawn bitch that is well constructed with good length. Feminine head, long neck and good front with lovely bone and nice spring of pasterns. Good depth of brisket and well ribbed back with gentle rise over the loin giving her the correct topline. Sound, curvy hindquarters that she uses to advantage on the move. Portrayed true, free movement. Lovely exhibit. 2 Rees and Jones’s Kierpark Carless Whisper. Very nice fawn brindle girl that is super sound all through. She has the correct forehand with lovely flat bone. Classic Whippet head, elegant neck let into smooth shoulders. Good depth of brisket with well sprung ribcage and strong over the loin. Sound hindquarters with nice low hocks and right amouth of bend of stifle. So typical Whippet and Hull’s Palmik Misty Eve.

SYB (10,3) 1 Home and Fisher-Homes’, Ch. Citycroft Creme Caramel of Jasarat. Pretty pale fawn and white of the correct size with neat ears and good bite and depth of jaw, all set on a long arched neck. Excellent forehand with right amount of pastern. Super body proportions with gentle rise over the loin, leading on down to her very sound hindquarters, that has good second thigh and lovely low hocks. Moved and showed so well. 2 Vaughan’s Shirotae Solo Surprise. Attractive gold fawn and white bitch that is so well balanced with lovely outline and everything in the right place. Classic Whippet head running into well made shoulders from her strong neck. So sound with good angulation fore and aft. Showed steady, true movement. 3 Baulch’s Whisterfield Je Nesais Quoi.

NB (12,6) 1 Hill’s Shimmeree Black Liberty. Really lovely black and white that has a lovely flowing outline, that stood third in a strong Puppy Bitch class. Lovely headm neck and shoulder, correct front with good bone and feet. Good length of body with nice tuck up. A little flat in topline at present. Perfect hindquarters with correct bend of stifle and strong second thigh. Good muscle tone but not overdone. Moved with purpose. 2 Hoskin’s Glantam Gwen Stephani at Shelsue. Sweet cream bitch that is so well balanced with correct front. Nice deep brisket and spring of rib. Gentle rise over the loin leading down to her very sound quarters that has good second thigh and low hocks. Moved true. 3. Groucott’s, Addfwyn Sweet Charity.

SpBegin B (7,1). 1. Wignall’s, Crosscop the Wonder of You at Starswift. 2. Baulch’s, Whisterfield Je Ne Sais Quoi. Lovely cream fawn girl with nice balance throughout. Most lovely head with true Whippet expression set on a long arched neck leading into good clean shoulders. Correct forehand with depth and good flat bone through to her nice feet. Well bodied up and sound behind. Lovely type. Portrayed accurate, steady movement. 3. Dalgleish’s, Harerunner Holy Smoke.

GB. (7,5). 1. McConkey’s, Barmoll Bailey’s On Ice. Correct size, pretty cream bitch. Lovely type and totally sound all through. Good head, neck and shoulder placement. Good clean front with good bone right through to her neat feet. Well bodied throughout with long ribcage and well tucked up. Fluent mover. 2. Hedley’s, Knoxhill Shepherd’s Delight. Glossy black with lovely outline. Nice head with good length of neck. Neat front, long ribcage and length of loin. Sound quarters. Steady mover.

PGB. (15,4). 1. Reece and Jones’s,, Kierpark in the Name of Love. Outstanding red fawn brindle of great quality and type. Superb conformation from nose to tail and an easy winner here. Pretty head with strong neck and good shoulder placement. Correct front with right amount of upper arm. She has a long, well sprung ribcage and correct topline. Perfect hindquarters with strong second thigh and nice low hocks. Moved correctly in all directions. One to watch. 2. Bridge’s, Chesilven Meadow Sweet. Charming fawn brindle bitch that is true Whippet type. Noticed later that she is sired by one of my all time favourites within the breed. Lovely under the hand with good balanced outline. Feminine head and correct, front, bone and feet. Good depth of brisket, gentle rise over the loin and nice tuckup. Shapley hindquarters with lovely low hocks that she uses with drive showing her good movement. Lovely exhibit. 3. Mulligan’s, Ashkyem Leaping Water.

MidLB (15,3). 1. Wood’s, Ardencote Aiming High. Very feminine, pale cream fawn of perfect size and good balanced outline. Correct forehand with right amount of bone through to her good feet. Sweetest of heads set on a long arched neck. Well bodied with plenty of length and sound as a bell in her hindquarters. Moved accurately with her effortless gait. 2. Hill’s, Shimmeree Black Satin. Pretty, quality black girl with glossy coat and skin and racy outline. Sweet feminine head set on an elegant neck leading to smooth shoulders. Good body proportions all through and strong over the loin with sound curvy hindquarters and low hocks. Moved soundly around the ring. 3. Leargart’s, Molvine Zoe.

LB. (18,5). 1. Whitehead, Smith and Mixides’s, Winter is Coming to Citycroft. I was surprised to find myself drawn to this very striking black/white trim girl with her beautiful Whippet outline. Your hand simply flows over her. A typical Whippet head and neat ears, long arched neck let into good lay of shoulder. Correct front with good infill and good return of upper arm. She has good depth of brisket and spring of rib and correct topline, that leads to her curvy, sound quarters with low hocks. Moved with purpose and drive showing true movement. Must have a rosey future. 2. Boughton and Whites’, Ipanema Girl on Fire. Light red fawn bitch that has lots to like about her. Pretty feminine head, long neck and good shoulder placement. Good front and well bodied up with deep brisket and sound shapely hindquarters. She is nicely balanced throughout showing elegance with strength. Nice fluent mover. 3. McConkey’s, Barmoll Bag of Tricks.

OB (6). 1. Morriss and Waddell’s, Ch. Nothing Compares to You at Crosscop. Headed this small but star studded class of lovely bitches. This beautiful fawn girl doesn’t require further comment from me, except to say I think she has really matured after her litter and looked a picture. Played her young handler up a couple of times when standing but when I sent her round the ring. She came into her own moving out with style and panache. A joy to behold. Could not be denied the CC and subsequently BIS. 2. Lempeteur’s, Multi Ch. Bluesprings Jivenchy. Very lovely fawn bitch from this well known kennel. Always put down to the minute and beautifully handled by her very sporting owner. She has a classic head with beautiful expression, correct rosebud ears and good depth of jaw, set on a long elegant neck. Correct forehand with lovely bone and feet. Well bodied throughout. Sound hindquarters that used to advantage on the move, showing true movement. RCC. 3. Howgate and Hull’s, Ch Palmik En Vogue.

Sp Lure Coursing or Racing B (13). 1. Bauley’s, Collooney Candy Crush. Very elegant with plenty of curves all in the right places. Presented in lovely condition with gorgeous coat and skin. Good angulation fore and aft. Sound quarters with right amount of muscle tone. Moved with purpose and style. 2. Webber’s, Zoraden Darkest Wings. Racy black girl that is super sound all through and similar eremarks to winner applies. Moved well and could do a day’s work if asked of her I am sure. Sound, positive movement. 3. Leathart and Skelley’s, Ringmore Day Lily.
Linda Jones