Critique – Junior Handling & BPIS

The South West Whippet Club

Championship Show 18th February 2018

I would like to thank the SWWC for inviting me to Judge Junior Handling and Referee at their Championship Show. Always such a lovely show, so well organised with a fantastic and welcoming atmosphere.

Junior Handling 6 – 11 years;

These three young ladies all handled their charges extremely well and were very considerate to the dogs and all encouraged them very well too. The winner did not have the easiest job at times but with gentle encouragement and handling she managed to get the best out of the dog. They all listened and watched and did exactly what was asked of them at all times making for close decisions on their placings.

1st ​Emma Fisher
2nd​ Pearl Boughton-White
3rd ​Sophie Fisher

Junior Handling 12 – 16 years;

If these two youngsters are anything to go by the future in the Breed ring is looking extremely promising. It was very hard to separate both handlers and they presented their exhibits to me very well. I just felt that the winner, although perhaps not as ‘tight’ in certain exercises as yet, had a slight edge on her presentation of the dog to me without being obvious as a handler. Both gave their charges quiet encouragement and were attentive to them, congratulations to both girls.

1st​ Caitlin Marsden
2nd ​Isobel Perry


I was called to referee for Best Puppy In Show as the two Judges, Linda Jones and Jackie White, were not in agreement for this award.

After assessing both lovely puppies I gave the nod for Best Puppy In Show to;

Dufty & Morlands – Triken One Last Dream, a real baby in every aspect as yet but with such clean lines and my hands literally flowed over him, especially over his well angled front and clean neck.

Reserve Best Puppy In Show went to Browns – Ardencote Sweet Destiny For Bluestreak.

Judge – Ann Snelgrove