Dog Critique Feb 2018

It was a delight to be asked to judge this elegant breed and I would like to thank the Committee for making me so welcome at this well run and friendly show. I would also like to thank my stewards who`s help made my ring run very smoothly. Most of all I would also like to thank all the exhibitor’s for the wonderful entry.

Veteran dog. (14-1)
1st. Russell`s Ch. Willingwisp Star Trooper. fawn & white parti masculine head with dark eye good bone & feet depth and length, strong quarters moved well with drive. shown in lovely condition. headed a lovely class of older gentlemen.
2nd. Wayman`s Cobyco Chasing Stars at Scarletfair. Fawn white dog good depth and length of loin moved well.
3rd. Robertsons Moonlake Morgan.

Minor Puppy. (7-1)
1st. Dufty & Morland`s Trinken One Last Dream. loved this cream brindle young boy as he entered the ring pleasing head with dark eye and pigment long neck into well laid shoulders straight front good length of loin strong quarters and great second thigh move with drive was pleased to award him B.P. dog and went on to B.P.I.S. on referee`s decision will watch his progress with interest.
2nd. Neale`s Runaround Starmoon of Stormalong. fawn with white trim good bone, correct amount fill of front depth of brisket held his topline standing and on the move.
3rd. Webber`s. Zoraden Paint it Black.

Puppy Dog.(7-1)
1st. Wood`s Ardencote Dating Destiny. Fawn dog with good bone & feet correct amount of fore chest good depth and length of loin and spring of rib. moved well.
2nd. Bennett`s Alamayn Endevern.fawn & white trim dog out of a heavier mould plenty of depth and strong quarters.
3rd. Kirtland`s Jupiter Juno.

Junior Dog ( 12-3)
1st. Andrews & Rees`s Kierpark Hello Love. cream brindle with white trim, Pleasing head plenty of depth and lay of shoulder moved true for & aft.
2nd. Cahill & Timerlake`s Enolacans Antonio Baneras at Chipperlake (Imp) fawn of correct make & shape moved well would just have like him to have a little more substance.
3rd. Poole & Winkley – Balmer`s Edenwhip Quantum of Solace.

Yearling dog. (6)
1st. Howgate & Hull`s Palmik Whisper Again. White & dark brindle good head long neck into well laid shoulders correct sweep of stifle moved with drive.
2nd. Trouton`s Runnel Run for Fun. fawn dog with good bone & feet stood over plenty of ground when he settled moved well.
3rd. James`s Drakesoak Rum Punch.

Novice dog (7-1)
1st. Woods Ardencote Dating Destiny.
2nd. Dufty & Morland`s Trinken Dream Chaser. light brindle litter brother to my B.P. very similar in type. just not so settled today.
3rd. Andrew` & Rees`s Kierpark Hello Love.

Sp.Beginners, (6-2)
1st. Trouton`s Runnel Run for Fun.
2nd. Perkin`s Dejare Dutch Masterpiece at Zeglynn. Fawn dog with plenty of bone pleasing head with dark eye. Moved well.
3rd. Needham`s Brave Phoenix.

Graduate dog (4-1)
1st. Cahill & Timberlake Enolacans Antonio Banderas at Chipperlake. (imp)
2nd.Kenyon`s Bryntreia First Steps. White & Brindle nice head with gentle eye good depth and 2nd thigh moved with drive.
3rd. Third`s Windfly Onner Blue Moon at Buntsfield.

Post Graduate Dog.(11-1)
1st. Wayman`s Creme Anglaise`s One More Knight at Scarletfair (imp NLD) red fawn & white dog good head deep chest and correct amount of length strong quarters moved well.
2nd. Leathart & Skelley`s Ringmore Dalrymple. fawn dog different type to 1,but balanced all through .
3rd. Chappell`s Blueflight Tiger Mist.

Mid Limit. ( 11-2)
1st. Poole`s Crosscop No Matter What. fawn with white trim masculine head long neck, fill of front stood over ground and correct 2nd thigh. moved well both ways.
2nd. Dillon`s Danluke Lady Boy at Runforest. Cream dog larger all through than 1 but of good breed type long neck, straight front and depth of brisket. correct topline he held standing & on the move. close up to 1.
3rd. Scholes`s Craigavad Once in a Lifetime.

Limit Dog. (22)
1st.Robertson`s Moonlake My Way. red fawn dog of classic type pleasing head & expression long neck flowed into well laid shoulders correct amount of heart room, correct rise over the loin put down in good order. moved with plenty of drive from his firm quarters. R.C.C. close up to my C.C. winner.
2nd.Samson`s Zoraden Suprise Editon fawn & white dog dark eye strong neck into well laid shoulder good spring of rib.plenty of 2nd thigh he used on the move.
3rd. Butcher`s Pelyma Prince of Thieves.

Open Dog.( 15)
1st. Tope`s Falconcrag Class Act for Dewerstone.JW Sm CM. Cream dog correct head with dark eye & pigment long neck flowing into well laid shoulders, good bone & feet well ribbed back with correct underline, length of loin strong topline he held standing and on the move ,well let down hocks he used on the move. lovely long stride when going round the ring. Pleased to award him the C.C. and R.B.I.S.
2nd. Wood`s Ardencote Star Gazer. fawn with white trim dog of good breed type masculine head strong neck plenty of depth correct topline moved with drive.
3rd. Candler- Smith`s Maidenbower Make Believe.
Sp. Racing /Lure Coursing Dog. (8-1)
1st. Robinson`s Moonlake My Way.
2nd. Leathart & Skelley`s Ringmore Dalrymple.
3rd. Severn`s Nattah Silver Lining.

​Mrs. J.S.White.