Dog Critique

Firstly I would like to thank the South West Club and Bath Championship Show for their excellent organisation with the show running so smoothly.  I was made to feel very welcome and had the added bonus of good weather.

The entry was lower than usual, perhaps because of Covid.  Although less dogs, the standard was good  and I was very pleased with my final line-up. Although pleased overall, there were a few wide fronts, a lack of development in second thigh and one or two short tails.

Veteran Dog ( 9 entries)

A quality class of veterans, a real credit to their owners.

1) – Wilkinson’s – Ch. Fletchgate Star Walker – Nearly 14 years old. Beautiful black who even at his age, in profile covered the ground effortlessly.  Lovely shape in excellent condition, a credit to his owner. Best Veteran Dog

2) – Neale’s – Stormalong Romantic Romeo – 8 years old and another very sound veteran. In tip top condition and another very sound mover.  

3) – Severn’s – Nattah Silver Lining.

Minor Puppy ( 3 Entries)

1) – McConkey’s – Barmoll Blues Singer – Very promising Blue baby of nearly 9 months old. Good head, long neck set into good shoulders, good bone and feet, nice bend of stifle, low hocks, moved very soundly Best Puppy Dog.

2) – Holland’s – Elmanash Grecian King – Very well balanced pale fawn/brindle. Lovely size. good free mover, beautiful coat. Still very much a baby.

3) – Severn’s – Nattah Nature’s Dream.

Puppy Dog – ( 5 Entries)

1) – Howgate’s – Palmik King Arthur – 10 months brindle/white – another very promising puppy. Good head, neck and shoulders. Good depth with strong hindquarters. Moved freely with drive.

2) – Barne’s – Doddridge Silver Jigilo – nicely balanced white/brindle, sound mover.

3) – Spring’s – Treviskey Celtic Blaze.

Junior Dog – ( 5 Entries – 3 Abs)  

1) – Winter & Yeates – Loliani Cafe Amore – Blue fawn of lovely size. Attractive head, long neck set into well laid shoulders, deep chest with good length of loin. Good feet very sound mover. Would love to own him.

2) – Shepherd’s – Kidaruka it’s Showtime at Oxana – Red fawn – another very elegant boy in super condition. Two very nice dogs.

Yearling Dog – ( 5 Entries – 2 Abs)

1) – Holland’s – Stars & Stripes – Another lovely sized dog from this kennel.  Pale fawn/brindle. Attractive head with long neck set into well laid shoulders. Good depth of brisket, nice topline with strong hindquarters and good second thigh. Very sound on the move. 

2) – Perkin’s – Southgrove Keep it Moving at Zeglynn (imp Nid) – Elegant apricot fawn. Again lovely size, nice lay of shoulder, deep chest, good bend of stifle moved well.

3) – Woodcroft’s & Yacoby Wright’s – Cobyco City Lights.

Novice Dog – ( 6 Entries – 2 Abs)

1) – McConkey’s – Barmoll Blue Singer.

2) – Perkin’s – Southgrove Keep it Moving at Zeglynn (Imp Nid)

3) – Shepherd’s – Kidaruka it’s Showtime at Oxana.

Special Beginners Dog – ( 4 Entries – 2 Abs)

1) – Severn’s – Nattah Nature’s Dream – 

2) – Spring’s – Treviskey Celtic Blaze.

Graduate Dog – ( 6 Entries – 1 Abs)

1) – Ellis’s – Oakbark Marksman for Railfield – Lovely fawn of good size. Attractive head,long neck set in very good lay of shoulder.  Good depth with length of loin, strong hindquarters moved soundly

2) – Price’s – Railfield Rainomen For Silkdance JW – very similar to one. Red Fawn in beautiful condition and a lovely size. Also moved very well. Two very nice dogs.

3) – Colquhoun’s – Kidaruka A Mothers Prayer.

Post Graduate Dog – ( 4 Entries)

1) – Allanson & MacDonald’s – Jasarat Salted Caramel of Macalidon JW – Dark fawn and White. Lovely outline with nice lay of shoulder. Deep Chest and good length over loin. Moved soundly. A lovely dog well handled.

2) – Andrew’s – Railfield Rainor at Sharmus JW.- Another very nice fawn – nicely balanced throughout with long neck set into good shoulders – good topline, good second thigh moved well. 

3) – Miluk’s – Westwood Prince Liam.

Limit Dog – (11 Entries – 1 Abs)

A quality class with some beautiful whippets.

1) – Price’s – Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance JW – A quality workmanlike fawn of nice size. Nice outline with good bone and feet.  Nicely balanced throughout with very long neck set into good shoulders – good topline, strong hindquarters with good second thigh,moved very true.My dog CC winner and Reserve Best in Show.

2) – Holland’s – Elmanash Glenfidditch – Another quality fawn whom I liked a lot. In super condition, nice size, well balanced. Moved soundly and looked like he could do a good day’s work.  They could well change places another day.

3) – Winter’s & Yeates – Zoraden Bright Star.

Open – ( 9 Entries )

1) – Neale’s – Ch: Runaround Starman at Stormalong JW – My R.C.C winner – Very sound elegant Pale Fawn of nice size.  I have seen him in the ring when he was younger and to-day he didn’t disappoint me.  Attractive head with long neck set into a good lay of shoulder.  Deep brisket with plenty of length over loin. Nice feet with good spring of pastern, strong hindquarters, excellent movement covering plenty of ground. .

2) – Robertson’s – Moonlake My Way- A lovely sized fawn in very good condition Lovely head with very kind expression  Long neck, good shoulders, deep chest with good length of loin Strong hindquarters with good second thigh  Moved soundly with drive. 

3) – Ellis’ – Railfield Lone Ranger.  Three lovely dogs.

Special Open Racing/Lure Coursing Dog ( 7 Entries)

1) – Robertson’s – Moonlake My Way

2) – Severn’s – Nattah Silver Lining

3) – Leathart’s – Ringmore Dairymple.

Jackie Norman – Jarmane..