Dog Critique

Thank you to the committee of the SWWC for the invitation to judge dogs at their championship show.  I was made to feel very welcome by this hard working and friendly committee, it really was a pleasure and an honour to judge for them. 

I want to thank all the exhibitors that entered under me and accepted my decisions. Some decisions were difficult, particularly limit & open classes which I felt I could have awarded more red cards.  I was delighted with my final line up. On the day, it was my veteran winner that stole the show for me. 

Some of the puppies struggled with the indoor hall making decisions more tough but most relaxed either on the move or as the class went on. 

Finally I want to thank my able stewards, Liz & Sarah. 

SWWC  7/8/21


1st Johnston’s Ch Danluke Lord of Dance  . What a start to the day. Attractive 7yr old brindle dog who was on top form today.  Loved his overall shape, he is balanced and shown in perfect condition.  Has the best of fronts with deep chest and is well ribbed back. Enough rise over the loin and perfect hind quarters; correct width of thigh and just the right amount of second thigh. Stands on the best feet with correct spring of pastern. Absolutely sound up and back and moved effortlessly round the ring, I’m sure he would go all day. Expertly handled.   CC & RBIS in agreement with my co judge.  

2nd Mycroft & Mycroft’s Ch Supeta’s Razzalicious JW ShCM 11yr old brindle whom I was drawn to for his correct whippet outline. Good head and neck into well laid shoulders with a good length and return of upper arm. Still such a showman and eager to please his owner. He is just a smidge on the tall side for me but still such a lovely dog and a worthy champion. 

3rd Neale’s Stormalong Romantic Romeo


1st Whitehead’s, Smith’s & Mixides’ Citycroft Drumshanbo 7 month old brindle with an attractive head, correct neck into well laid smooth shoulders. The best of fronts and is well ribbed back with enough hind angulation. Overall is balanced and is in good muscular condition. Lovely on the move using his hind quarters to drive round the ring. BPD 

2nd Severn’s Nattah Nature’s Dream 8 month brindle and white just a bit unsettled today but when he relaxed could see his shapely outline. Front construction is good, nice topline and underline, good hind angulation and is in good condition. Unsettled on the move but when relaxed he moved out well. 



1st Barnes’ Doddridge Silver Jigilo 11 month old a balanced and shapely puppy when he relaxed. Well filled in front & developed topline. Moderate hind angulation, moved well up and down. 

2nd Myer’s Supeta’s Here Come The Son Into Astrazone 11 month old larger than 1 just a bit nervous today. Attractive male with a nice head and expression and correct bite. When he relaxed he moved well in profile, just tends to drop into himself when stood making him appear to be over angulated in rear. 

3rd Spring’s Treviskey Celtic Blaze


1st Yeates & Winter’s Lolani Cafe Amore 17 month old shaded fawn. Elegant and classic, this dog is lovely for size and is all whippet. Nice head and neck into well laid smooth shoulder, good return of upper arm. Well filled in front. Correct feet and spring of pastern. He is sound on the move and moves freely in profile. 

2nd Shepherd’s Kidaruka It’s Showtime at Oxana 14 month red fawn & white slightly taller than my winner, has an attractive head and nice angles front and rear. Moved out well in profile, just preferred movement of 1 coming towards. 

3rd Needham’s Power Home 


1st Brown’s Harrison’s Jack 18 month old black/white . Very unsettled and anxious in the class . He relaxed at the end and I could see he is a nice overall shape. A little on the taller side. His coat is silky smooth , nice length of loin with correct hind angulation . Difficult to assess movement but when relaxed moved out well. 


1st Perkin’s Southgrove Keep It Moving at Zeglynn (IMP) 20 month old Red fawn he masculine yet elegant, balanced and a handy size. Well constructed front with good length and return of upper arm. Correct hind angulation with broad thigh and well let down hocks. Moved well and shown in excellent condition. 

2nd Shepherd’s Kidaruka It’s Showtime at Oxana 

3rd Steel’s Nattah Potters Magic


1st Barkas’s Jimanica Just Dreaming 5yr old Red fawn and white dog I have judged before. He is balanced and presents a nice outline on the stack & on the move.  Correct angles front and rear, shapely topline and correct underline. Good feet and correct spring of pastern. He was one of the soundest movers of the day. 

2nd Severn’s Nattah Nature’s Dream 

3rd Needham’s Brave Pheonix


1st Ellis’s Oakbark Marksman for Railfield 2yr old fawn dog super curvy and elegant boy with the silkiest coat. Attractive head with a kind expression . Excellent front construction, well filled front and deep chest. Perfect hind angulation. Moved really accurate in all directions holding his shape on the move. 

2nd Perkin’s Southgrove Keep It Moving at Zeglynn (IMP)

3rd Dargue’s Brochinbelle Wee Dancer with Jalwhipp 


1st Miluk & Miluk’s Westwood Prince Liam 3yr old fawn he is up to size yet balanced. Attractive head and well arched neck into good shoulders, correct length and return of upper arm. Curvy topline and a sweeping underline. Stands on good feet and has enough spring of pastern. Moved true and held his shape in profile. 

2nd Price’s Railfield Rainomen for Silkdance JW 2yr old Red fawn nice overall shape and is good for size, in excellent condition. Well filled front and he moved well while holding his outline.  I just preferred head of 1.  

3rd Barkas’s Citycroft Fred Astaire 


1st Price’s Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance JW 3yr old fawn dog, lovely head and neck into well laid shoulders, correct return of upper arm. Well ribbed back. Curvy topline and nice underline to match. Perfect hindquarters with correct width of thigh and well let down hocks. So sound on the move from all directions. In super condition. 

2nd Perkin’s Silkridge Just Joey 2yr old brindle dog who demands the attention. Pleasing overall shape and looks to be a good size. Correct head & neck into well laid shoulders, good length and return of upper arm. Enough length of loin and strong hindquarters which he uses on the move. I just preferred elegance of 1. 

3rd Hawker‘s Mollytop Dream Maker


1st Neale’s Ch Runaround Starman at Stormalong JW super quality 4yr old fawn who is balanced and correct in every way. Nice head and expression with neat ears. Excellent neck into smooth well laid back shoulders. Correct length and return of upper arm. Well ribbed back with shapely topline and curvy underline to match. Perfect hind angulation. So elegant and smooth all over. Moved accurately in all directions. RCC 

2nd Whitehead’s Ch Citycroft High Society JW 6 year old another super quality fawn dog with the nicest of heads, good neck into well laid shoulder & excellent return of upper arm. Correct fill in front and is well ribbed back. He is balanced and in perfect muscular condition. On the move he excels in profile movement. Two worthy champions.

3rd Richard’s Richclass Run for Cover


1st Webber’s Dark Wing 7yr old a quality black dog in superb muscular condition and a handy size. Typical head and kind expression, strong neck into well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm. Shapely outline with strong hindquarters and well let down hocks, moved true and held his shape in profile. 

2nd Yeates & Winter‘s Zoraden Bright Star 2yr Red fawn & white another quality boy previously unplaced in a strong limit class. Super curvy,  elegant and in excellent condition. Nice head and correct bite. Front and rear construction is good and he looks to be good for size. Just preferred hind movement of 1. 

3rd Severn’s Nattah Silver Lining 

Marie Whyte