Critique Dog

Judge’s report SOUTH WEST WHIPPET CLUB’s Championship Show, Feb 21st.  2016

Veteran dog ( 6, 3 abs) 1 and res CC; Snelgrove’s Ch Huntinghill the Jazzman. At nine years of age, this is a very high quality boy, presented in wonderful condition. Handsome head, excellent neck and front,  lovely flow  over the topline, croup and tail set to strong well muscled hindquarters. Moved very freely and truly. To be critical, is half a size too big for my liking. 2  Ch Loroli Authorized by Derohan  A smoky brindle dog, younger than the winner, also of top class, and in top condition. Very nice head, good over the front and rear quarters, and moved very well. A  much better size than the winner.  3. Chibuku Political Agenda  at Sharmus.

Minor Puppy dog ( 13, 5 abs) 1. Rishworth’s  Richclass King of Kings Eight month old baby, very promising prospect, of a lovely size and make. Scores on his lovely outline, especially over his topline and finish over the hindquarters. Moved very well, but could reach out more in front.2.  Ashkyem Harlequins Star. A baby of seven months, very promising also, and of excellent overall proportions. Moved very well, but had a tendency to stand very wide over the front. 3. Crosscop bring me Sunshine.

Puppy dog (11, 4 abs)  1. Sutton’s Palmik Hearts on Fire. Tall and lanky dog, who has a look of quality about him. Very nice masculine head, nice front and topline. Moved very well once he got going; needs more show training. 2. Moonlake My Way  Fawn dog with a certain look about him. Nice head but rather too round in eye, nice front. Scored on his excellent flow over the topline, croup and hindquarters. 3. Supeta’s   So Snazzy at Tronjheim

Junior dog ( 12, 2 abs) 1. Andrew’s  Railfield Rainkey for Sharmus  Fifteen month old dog  who is very well balanced and together. Lovely head, good neck and front, excellent definition of underline and topline, stands very well on his strong hindquarters.  A very good mover. 2. Cobyco Cause for Applause. Another dog of quality, scoring on his excellent outline, and his very strong and well muscled hindquarters.  Lovely head. Lovely strong mover, as seen from the side; a bit sloppy and wide over the front, something that should correct itself with time. 3. Crosscop Hello Again.

Yearling (16, 4 abs)1. Osborne’s  Softouch Ever so Clever at Derohan.  An unusual colouring in this nineteen month old dog, a very light cream. Altogether very well balanced in outline, with matching angulation fore and aft;  together with excellent coupling and flow over the topline. Moved with great freedom and soundness.  A most promising young dog . 2. Almawhip Welcome to my World at Willingwisp . A black dog of just fifteen months, and looks it and has yet to drop into his frame. Won his placing in this class on his ultra free and easy sideaction. He is half a size too tall for me. 3. Pelyma Prince of Thieves.

Novice dog ( 9, 1 abs ) 1. Railfield Rainkey for Sharmus  and Best Puppy dog 2. Crosscop No Matter What. A golden brindle dog puppy of just 10 ½ months; so full of quality and type, beautful head with a most adorable expression, good front and body. Beautiful flow over the topline to strong hindquarters.  A bit tall for me at present. 3. Kandalama Royale

Special beginners ( 6, 1 abs) 1.  Butcher’s Pelyma Prince of Thieves   fawn dog of 23 months, presented in excellent condition and better behaved in this class. Very pleasant head, good front and hindquarters, excellent coupling and topline. Had settled and was moving very well in this class. 2. Bryarose Theseus at Dewerstone.  A very old-fashioned look to this 23 month old blue brindle dog. Sweet head, very well angulated front, very good topline, although falling off over the hindquarters.  Moved very freely. 3. Whisterfield  Easy Rider among Silkdance.

Graduate dog ( 10, 2 abs ) 1. Crosscop No Matter What 2. Dobelands Misty Moon. Four year old blue and white dog, not small, but of beautiful type and a wonderful mover. Very attractive head, good neck and front, excellent topline and finish over the hindquarters. I really liked this dog very much. 3. Ashkyem Big Star.

Post grad ( 22, 4 abs) 1. Lawleymoon Midnight Party. Five year old fawn dog with white trim, of lovely type and outline. Very nice head very good front, topline, tailset and hindquarters. Moved impeccably  as seen from all angles. 2. Turnstone Prince of Passion.  Another fawn and white dog of excellent type. Scoring on his lovely head.  Very good in front, topline starts a bit far forward. Very good strong hindquarters. Moved very well. 3. Sufeina Black Jasper.

Mid Limit ( 9) 1. Penbriar Corruleam Star. Six year old blue dog who I think very highly of, in fact he was strongly considered for the res CC.  Classic head with the darkest of eyes, lovely ears, good neck set well into the withers, nice forechest good deep body with lovely topline flowing into his hindquarters and he could move, freely and soundly. 2. Bosmere Raspberry Ripple  at Limasfault. A great favourite of mine, this five year old blue brindle dog . Somewhat shorter in coupling, with a wonderful flow over the topline and croup. 3. Dazzling Whiteband.

Limit dog ( 14, 3 abs) 1. Allen’s Zoraden  Vanilla Latte. Fawn dog of top quality, full of type . Beautiful head and expression, good neck and impeccable front. Excellent definition of top and underline. Strong hindquarters. A lovely mover, free and easy. 2. Mulcair May contain Nutz.  Very nice blue brindle dog of excellent type, smaller than the winner, ( which is a compliment).  Very pleasant head, good neck and front , excellent topline and hindquarters. Another excellent and free mover. 3. Dazzling Whiteband

Open dog  ( 16, 4 abs) 1. CC and Best of breed. Wilton-Clark’s Ch. Shalfleet Simply  A Lord. I can’t say anything about this dog that has not been said already. He is simply outstanding….He has a absolutely beautiful head with the most wonderful expression, his neck is good and strong, gently flowing into his front, he has just the right width to his well filled in front, he has proper bone and feet. He has the most beautiful flow to his topline and croup, he has such strong hindquarters. At five and a half years of age he is still in top condition and to prove this, he is an absolutely wonderful free and true mover.  Yes, I loved him and I am so glad that the referee, Joan Vagges, agreed with me!   2 Palmik Strike it Right. At just coming up to two years of age, this dog has an unfinished look about him, certainly compared to the winner. Slightly taller and more substantial he is nonetheless  a dog of top quality, with a lovely head, good neck, very good front with good fill, excellent bone and feet. He has a lovely topline and hindquarters and he moved very strongly and freely. 3. Ipanema Indian Pearl.

Dagmar Kenis Pordham (Judge)