Critique – Dogs

I wish to thank all the officers, committee & exhibitors for a pleasant day. This was my 4th time awarding CC’s & unfortunately presentation was lacking in some exhibits, long nails & dirty teeth which both are part of keeping a dog healthy. Some had not been brushed down before entering the ring & one exhibit being obviously kennelled with stained feet, there is very little to ‘get ready’ on our breed & I had to use the hand wipes more than should be necessary… From the outside of the ring my class winners may have appeared non-uniform but they were the ones I considered the best in their classes. Other winners that I considered for top prizes were Veteran, Junior, Post Graduate & 2nd in Limit. My co judge, Rachel Snelgrove & I agreed on all but one decision on the main awards.

Veteran Dog (9,1)

1 – Russell’s Ch Willingwisp Star Trooper. Fawn parti I have seen him from the ringside & pleased to now have been able to go over him, I certainly wasn’t disappointed. He really isn’t showing his age of over 10 years neither in his appearance or movement, not much I can write on him that probably hasn’t already been written. BVIS
2 – Lawley’s Lawleymoon Midnight Party Fawn whom has just joined the ‘old boys’ class. Lovely head & neck with a balanced outline & correct movement.
3 – Boughton’s Ipanema What A Pearler

Minor Puppy Dog (6,1)

1 – Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Whisper Again 7 month brindle parti a very well-schooled puppy who just showed his socks off from the beginning to the end of the day. Cute expression lengthy neck, good bone moved well & has a bright future. ~ BPIS
2 – Samson’s Zoraden Surprise Edition 6 month fawn parti who I believe was attending his first show. Lovely head, neck & outline moved soundly. A promising puppy.
3 – McManus’ Travellerways Dreamer

Puppy Dog (12,2)

1 – Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Whisper Again
2 – Brodie & Owen’s Oakbark Making Dreams at Wolfcastle 11 month brindle white trim elegant boy with shapely outline. Good quarters & moved well.
3 – Trouton‘s Runnel Run For Fun

Junior Dog (8,2)

1 – Tope’s Falconcrag Class Act For Dewerstone JW 16 month fawn which is aptly named Appealing head, neck & shoulder slightly longer body length & good bend of stifle. I have no doubt he is going to worry the best in the not too distant future.
2 – Ellis’ Railfield Lone Rainger 14 month of nice frame with pleasing bone, bend of stifle & sound mover.
3 – Hawker’s Mollytop Dream Maker

Yearling Dog (7,1)

1 – Russell’s Palmik Depeche Mode 20 month brindle of correct size & just shouts Whippet. A male with pleasing head, neck & shoulders. Curvy outline with just the right amount of bone. Moved soundly & one I shall be watching in the future.
2 – Marston-Pollock & Mawson’s Falconcrag Another Class 16 month fawn whose sibling won the Junior class, I’m sure the breeder is proud of this pair of males. Another shapely male if just longer cast than the winner. Beautiful head neck & shoulders. Good depth of brisket bend of stifle.
3 – Bellamy’s Kandalama Royale

Novice Dog (3,1)

1 – Hawker’s Mollytop Dream Maker 15 month fawn who was well presented beautiful head neck & front assembly moved well.
2 – McManus’ Travellerways Dreamer Nearly 8 month brindle a nice puppy who needs time to settle in front.

Special Beginners Dog (8,2)

1 – Tope’s Bryarose Theseus at Dewerstone Brindle whom I have judged on his first outings as a puppy & he has matured on well. Unexaggerated male who is well balanced with good ribs and a sound mover.
2 – Kenyon’s Bryntreia First Steps Brindle parti who was slightly taller than the winner. Genuine dog with correct head & neck. Good body and moved well.
3 – Kirtland’s Copsebury Comedy Chaos

Graduate Dog (5)

1 – Rishworth’s Richclass King Of Kings 20 month brindle parti with lovely head, neck & bone. Won over 2 on a slightly better bend of stifle.
2 – Sutton’s Palmik Hearts On Fire brindle good head shoulder & feet.
3 – Stephens’ Erbys Celtic Dream Maker

Post Graduate Dog (14,2)

Three lovely dogs with very little to separate between them.
1 – Vaughan’s Mossbawnhill Carries It Off For Lewcerycar this pale fawn parti caught my eye fairly early in the class & such an elegant male. Curves in the right places beautiful head on graceful neck with correct shoulders. Good body length & moved soundly.
2 – Meakin’s Oakbark Main Player brindle different type to winner but a close decision. Correct head & neckline. Good legs & feet, moved positively from all angles.
3 – Gillam’s Glantam Great Ziegfield

Mid Limit Dog (11,3)

1 – James’ Drakesoak Halloween Twist Lightly marked brindle with correct neck & shoulders good bone & feet. Lovely ribbing & bend of stifle. A sound mover. RCC
2 – Lawley’s Lawleymoon Time Will Tell Fawn good shoulders, brisket & loin, giving a balanced outline. Moved positively. Very similar type to his older kennelmate
3 – Scholes’ Craigavad Once In A Lifetime
Limit Dog (14,2)
My notes say a strong class. 1 – Griffiths’ Pelyma Dashing Duke Fawn parti whom was shown to true advantage showing correct ear carriage when alert. Beautiful quarters well set elbows good ribbing loin & stifle. Moved true from all angles. CC & on referees decision RBIS.
2 – Russell’s Glantam Going My Way Fawn parti Lovely quarters giving a shapely outline Moved very well. Placed his litter brother 3rd in Post grad, a pair of quality siblings. Unfortunately he was unsettled when called in for challenge.
3 – Allen’s Zoraden Gingerbread Latte JW

Open Dog (7)

1 – Harding-Waite & Waite’s Marleben Myracle Magician From Caderleth Brindle parti who is still looking good, as he is soon to join the veteran class. Masculine head, good shoulder placement, lovely rise over loin.
2 – Jones’ Jothryn Bjorne To Love JW Brindle parti of quite a different look to the winner but still has many qualitys.
3 – Ellis’ Railfield Rainicon In Yialousa

Judge Tracey Hoare