Special Awards Classes Critique

Judge Mr Malcolm Rankine

Yearling dog or bitch ( 13,3) .

1st  Tope’s, Falconcrag Class Act For Dewerstone JW . fawn & white dog.

Very eye catching and pleasing boy. Loved his masculinity and overall quality. Balanced throughout . Appealing head & eye with strength of jaw. Lovely shoulder construction leading on to correct topline and strong loin. Good bone, complimenting his structure. Did not disappoint in movement with freedom of shoulder and driving from behind , added to all this first class presentation made this boy a pleasure to judge.

2nd Ellis’s, Railfield Lone Rainger. fawn & white dog .

Another very pleasing dog. Loving his balance and overall quality, which there was in abundance. A slightly lighter type than 1 but the same qualities apply. Lovely set of head & neck flowing into a good lay of shoulder , with depth of brisket and strength of loin, moving soundly around the ring . Very well handled making him a pleasure to assess.

Open dog or bitch ( 14,2) .

An interesting section to judge with a great variety in type , finding my winner in,

1st. Jones, Jothryn Bjorne To Love. lemon brindle & white dog.

A very elegant and eyecatching boy, built on flowing lines. Well balanced throughout with good reach of neck, depth of brisket, strength in loin and well muscled hindquarter. These qualities then came to the fore when this boy moved out, with a free flowing and ground covering stride, making him a pleasure to view . Well presented .

2nd. McConkey’s, Barmoll Billy Elliot . fawn dog.

A different type from 1 but still having a lot to offer. Lovely overall balance, a masculine boy with good substance and bone. Well laid shoulder and depth of chest. Strong topline and a well constructed hind quarter, second thigh and stifle, moving correctly with no exaggeration. Very much a gentleman .