Bitch Critique

Critique for The South West Whippet Club Championship Show 17th February 2019 – Whippet Bitches

It was nice to be asked to judge at this Show and I would like to thank my 2 able Stewards for their help. It’s a year, or two since I’ve judged Whippets, generally they were all clean and well-presented but I am concerned by the number of bitches who have bad bites, and/or weak underjaws which is very undesirable in a Hound. Whatever your views on the original purpose of the Breed, todays animals should still be fit for their purpose and upright fronts, and over-angulated rears are not consistent with this. Nor is excessive size. Having said this, there were a lot of beautiful specimens shown today, many of which had to go unplaced.

Veteran Bitch (14,1) 1 & Best Veteran in Show Boughton-White’s Ch. Whiptails Happiness and Joy at Ipanema an elegant fawn bitch, just into Veteran, good head shape and expression, well-constructed quarters moved very soundly. 2 Mycroft’s Ch. Supeta’s Eclipse Fawn and white. Very similar to the winner, but not quite as positive in front. Otherwise a sound mover. 3 Severn’s Deljorhea Dream Racer at Nattah

Minor Puppy Bitch (11,0) – 1, Best Bitch Puppy and Best Puppy in Show –Mcconkey’s Barmoll Butterfly Flip Brindle and white of beautiful size. Very correct in front construction with good depth, strong quarters. Moved really well for one so young. 2 – Leathart’s Ringmore Hecate Pale fawn, would have liked a little more pigment, but correct size, construction and movement gave her, her placing. 3 Head’s Demerlay Magical Mitzi

Puppy Bitch (11,3) – 1 Robertson’s Moonlake Medium Blonde A beautiful fawn bitch, oozing quality from head to tail. Very sound on the move. Shown in excellent condition. A little less settled on the move in the challenge for Best Puppy. 2 Wilson & Winkley-Balmer’s Edenwhip Grange Fell at Willowash Fawn bitch, a nice type with good head and expression, moved a little wider in front, nice hindquarters. So should improve with age. 3 Head’s Demerlay Strawberry Ice

Junior Bitch (10,0) – 1 – Turnbull’s Turnstone Red Hot Diva Fawn with white markings. Lovely head, dark eyes, neat ears. Correct front and rear construction. Moved extremely well. 2 – Jones’ Jothryn Blondes Av More Fun Very similar to the winner in quality, but a darker fawn. Sweet head and expression. A little happy with her ears. Moved well. 3Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Queen of Diamonds

Yearling Bitch (6,3) – 1 Gillespie’s Penbriar for Pleasure Black bitch with beautiful head, nice dark eye and good front. Would like a little more length. Shown in good hard condition. 2 Bennett’s Alamayn Elegance Brindle and white, shown in good condition. 3 Lindley’s Jazzellie Once in a Blue Moon

Novice Bitch (9,1) – 1 Groucott’s Addfwyn Sweet Charity A very lovely fawn bitch, shown in great condition. Lovely head, dark eye, true front construction, good feet. Strong quarters. Good on the move. Considered her for Res CC. 2 Jones’ Glantam Gabrielle of Galemira Darker fawn, similar to the winner, but not as good in head as would have preferred a stronger underjaw. Otherwise a very nice Whippet. 3 – Leathart’s Ringmore Hecate

Special Beginners Bitch (5,0) – 1 Jones’ Glasrhedyn Lady Loves Me for Galemira Fawn and white parti of very good size. Nice head and expression.  Good front and rear construction, neat feet. Moved well. 2 Goff’s Pagarni’s Imitation Game Dark fawn, a nice type of bitch, unfortunate to meet the winner. 3 Severn’s Nattah Venus’s One Dream

Graduate Bitch (6,0) – 1 – A Sweet Charity 2Baulch’s Whisterfield Je ne Sais Quoi Unfortunate to meet the winner. Another lovely bitch, moving well. 3 G Gabrielle of Galemira

Postgraduate Bitch (19,8) – 1 – Fisher’s Marleben Dream Mover A beautiful bitch, oozing quality shown in the best of conditions. Really good construction front and rear, moving well. 2Peacock’s Drakesoak Hot Toddy Fawn with white trim, another lovely bitch, but just preferred the winners length in loin. 3 Richards-Healion’s Clynecourt Colour Me Classy

Mid Limit Bitch (11,1) – 1 Turnbull’s Turnstone Mamma Mia Smoky fawn bitch in beautiful condition. Feminine head with lovely dark eye, neat ears and good neck. Powerful front and rear and through the ribcage. Moving well. 2G Lady Loves Me for Galemira 3 Julian’s Blondessa be Happy

Limit Bitch (22, 5) What a lovely class of quality bitches, many sadly unplaced 1 & Res CC Morris, Waddell & Mycroft’s Crosscrop Let It Shine for Supeta A lovely, quality bitch with very feminine head, beautiful neck and lay of shoulder, good top line, ribcage and hindquarters. Moved soundly, with ease. 2Wood’s Ardencote Aiming High Pushed very hard for first place, but just preferred the front extension of the winner. Another truly beautiful bitch. 3 – Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Misty Eve

Open Bitch (11,3) – 1, CC, Res BIS and BOSHowgate & Hull’s Ch. Palmik En Vogue Blue fawn bitch of beautiful breed type. Correct size moving effortlessly with good extension fore and aft. Constructed in every way as a Whippet should be. 2Yacoby-Wright’s Cobyco Candy Creme Another very beautiful bitch sharing many of her qualities, but preferred the size of the winner. 3 – Lempereur’s Multi Ch. Blue Springs Irish Mist

Special Lure Coursing or Racing Bitch (13,2) – 1 Doherty & Van Der Schaaf’s Crème Anglaise’s La Colle Noire Brindle and white of excellent size, good muscular condition. I’m sure she can move like the clappers. 2 – Severn’s N Venus’s One Dream Brindle and white parti, shown in good muscular condition. 3 – Reese’s Millingtondale Mercury

Judge – Angela Randall