I very much enjoyed my day with this friendly Club and would like to thank the Exhibitors for such a wonderful entry, both in quality and numerically.

Size, I am pleased to say, seems now to have levelled out in both sexes.

Two points I think may deserve a mention, some handlers seemed intent on pulling their dog’s necks up straight and slightly backwards therefore giving the appearance of a ewe neck, which also made them dip behind and some dogs were stretched too far behind making them fall away quite sharply.

Thank you stewards for keeping me in check and looking after me.


Class1 Minor Puppy Dog 6 (2ab.)

1st. Hull’s Artful Dodger, brindle boy at his first show, just 6 months, very raw, good for size, liked his head and expression, moved OK.

2nd. Ryan’s Tit For Tat, litter brother to one, heavier and not such a good mover as his brother but liked his type, should come on,  given time.

3rd. Hooper’s Torbers Jeb.

Class 2 Puppy Dog 4 (1ab.)

1st. Andrew’s Railfield Rainkey For Sharmus,  brindle parti of good size and type, 10 months, handsome boy, very smooth to go over, powered around the ring, true and sound.

2nd. Allistone’s Hergehill Silver Crusader, white/ fawn parti, 10 months, attractive puppy with a good outline, right for size, needs to steady in movement.

3rd. Smeath’s Almawhip Welcome to my World for Willingwisp.

Class 3 Junior Dog 7.

1st. Whitehead’s Citycroft High Society, well balanced fawn, 12 months, masculine head, dark eye, long neck, good topline which he kept on the move, moved out well.

2nd. Bennett’s Alamayn Solstice Sun, brindle built on finer lines, but still masculine.

3rd. Copsebury Comedy Chaos.

Class 4 Maiden Dog 8 (1ab.)

1st. Andrew’s Railfield Rainkey for Sharmus.

2nd. Leathart’s Ringmore Dalrymple, not a big boy, but nicely put together, sound and true on the move.

3rd. Kirtland’s Copsebury Comedy Chaos.

Class 5 Novice Dog 3(1ab.)

1st. Kenyon’s Bryntreia First Steps, brindle/white parti, 14 months, up to size, inclined to be a little heavy in his front and needs time to settle on the move.

2nd. Kiriuchina’s Thelonious Docket, 18 months looked good in profile, but very erratic on the move, with his tail very high, another one who needs time to settle.

Class 6 Graduate Dog 8(3ab.)

1st. Boughton’s Danluke Double Tango with Ipanema, quality fawn, pleasing outline, ideal for size, good depth and length of loin, powered around the ring and held his topline. Reserve Best Dog.

2nd. Price’s Whisterfield Easy Rider Among Silkdance, fawn built on slightly larger lines than one, but well balanced with a good topline, deep chest in hard condition, smooth mover.

3rd. Quant’s Woodweaver Moon Dust.

Class 7 Post Graduate Dog 4.

1st. Wayman’s Speymalt See the Stars at Scarletfair, fawn/white parti, pleasing young male, has a good outline, a little unsettled to start but sorted himself out, then moved really well.

2nd. James’s Drakesoak Halloween Twist, I liked this dog very much, brindle, a lovely head and dark eye, well balanced, spoilt his chances today by dipping behind the shoulder, one to watch!

3rd. Kenyon’s Reubicia Billy Blue.

Class 8 Limit Dog 12(2ab.)

1st.Neale’s Stormalong Romantic Romeo, attractive brindle, white trim, masculine head, dark eye, long neck which he held well on the move, pleasing outline.

2nd. Kirtland’s Palmik Starlight Raider, although too big for me, have always liked his quality and movement, sound and active, good honest exhibit.

3rd. Wayman’s Speymalt Northern Star.

Class 9 Open Dog 12(3ab.)

1st.Wayman’s Cobyco Chasing Stars at Scarletfair, fawn/white parti, good for size, dark eye masculine head, clean shoulders, good topline, which he held on the move, very pleasing to go over, no fuss, no frills, just got on with the job in hand.

Pleased to award him Best Dog and Best in Show.

2nd. Bellamy’s Palmik Celtic Royale, brindle parti, another pleasing exhibit of a different type, well balanced in outline, with strong quarters, accurate mover.

3rd. Howgate’s Palmik Strike it Right.

Class 10 Veteran Dog 6(4ab.)

1st. Andrew’s Chibuku Political Agenda at Sharmus, well constructed 9 years, has a good outline, moved soundly and freely. Best Veteran in Show.

2nd. Bellamy’s Palmik Midnight Express, another active 9 year old, good for size and overall type.

Class 11 Lure Coursing or Racing Dog 3 (1ab.)

1st. Harding-Waite’s Marleben Myracle Maker for Caderleth, brindle parti, strong and fit but not coarse, moved with drive, close decision between 1 and 2 today.

2nd. Price’s Whisterfield Easy Rider among Silkdance.

Class 12 Special Height Dog 8(3ab.)

1st. Harding-Waite’s Marleben Myracle Maker for Caderleth

2nd. Leathart’s Ringmore Dalrymple

3rd. Kirtland’s Copesbury Comedy Chaos.


Class 13 Minor Puppy Bitch 2(1ab.)

1st. Henderson & Affeldt’s Veredon Victorious, delightful jet black young lady, ideal for size, both puppy and owner rather overawed by the occasion, difficult to assess as was very whizzy, thought she was lovely, could easily have taken her home!

Class14 Puppy Bitch 5(1ab.)

1st. Mc. Conkey’s Barmoll Bailey’s on Ice, classic fawn, 10 months, feminine all through and built on flowing lines, good length and topline which she held well on the move, correct going away and returning. Best Puppy in Show.

2nd. Howgate’s Palmik Wish me Luck, brindle, white trim, close up to 1, well balanced, moved well both ways, two very good puppies.

3rd. Mortimer’s Chesilven Vanilla Velvet.

Class 15 Junior Bitch 9(2ab.)

1st. Bayley’s Whisterfield as if by Magic, very shapely fawn, feminine head with dark  eye, long clean neck and shoulders, good topline which she held on the move, liked her a lot. Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show.

2nd. Harding-Waite’s Mulranny Miss Moneypenny at Caderleth, brindle, liked her type and size, sweet expression, well balanced throughout, with strong quarters, moved with drive.

3rd. Harding’s Copsebury Cream Cracker.

Class 16 Maiden Bitch 7(1ab.)

1st.Mc.Conkey’s  Barmoll Bag O’ Tricks, light brindle puppy,well balanced, lovely free mover, kind expression, long neck, good shoulders, strong quarters, I see she is litter sister to Best Puppy in Show, two very promising young ladies.

2nd. Leathart’s Ringmore  Day Lily, fawn, ideal size, neat and compact, being shorter in loin than 1, free moving, sweet feminine young lady.

3rd. Allistone’s Kaymark China Doll.

Class 17 Novice Bitch 6.

1st.  Mc.Conkey’s Bag O’ Tricks.

2nd. Howgate’s Palmik Wish me Luck.

3rd. Peacock’s Drakesoak Hubble Bubble.

Class 18 Graduate Bitch 7(3ab.)

1st.  Howgate’s Palmik Wish me Luck.

2nd. Harding’s Copsebury Cream Cracker, red fawn, white trim built on slightly bigger lines than 1, but still feminine, strong quarters, moved with drive.

3rd.  Hoare’s Tormor Sea Pigeon.

Class 19 Post Graduate Bitch 4(3ab.)

1st.  Neem’s Veredon in Vogue, sweet fawn, has a good outline with a pretty head and dark eye, just needs to settle on the move.

Class 20 Limit Bitch 14(6ab.)

1st. Richards-Healion’s Anywhere and When at Clynecourt, fawn/white parti, pretty elegant bitch, liked her overall shape and size, free but steady mover.

2nd. Smeath’s Willingwisp Rumba, red fawn, bigger than I normally like, but very nice to go over, good topline, strong quarters, moved with drive.

3rd. Taylor’s Jzan Zizadorable.

Class 21 Open Bitch 5(2ab.)

1st. Howgate’s Palmik En Vogue, pretty fawn, ideal height and has a very shapely outline with good front and strong quarters which she used to advantage.

Reserve Best Bitch.

2nd. Neale’s Stromalong Post Haste, another classic fawn with good bone, good spring of rib, not quite so positive on the move today.

3rd. Wayman’s Cornstalk Magic Star at Scarletfair.

Class 22 Veteran Bitch 4(1ab.)

1st. Wayman’s Scarletfair Silver Star, brindle 9 years, smaller lighter type who really drove around the ring, alert expression, seemed to really enjoy her day.

2nd. Vergette’s Curlands Drifting Mist, a very nice fawn, 11 years, really put her best foot forward on the move, carried quite a bit of condition.

3rd. Jones’s Chelynnah Secret Storm.

Class 23 Lure Coursing or Racing Bitch 5(3ab.)

1st. Ryan’s Moonlake Mercedes, blue brindle of correct size five and a half years, in hard condition, standing on good feet, very active on the move.

2nd. Dagleish’s Harerunner Hedgehunter, brindle very similar to 1, but not so positive in movement, looks as though she could skim over the ground.

Class 24 Special Height Bitch 10 (3ab.)

1st. Bayley’s Whisterfield as if by Magic.

2nd. Neale’s Stormalong Post Haste.

3rd. Leathart’s Ringmore Day Lily.

Class 25 Open Stakes 10.

1st. Smeath’s Willingwisp Rumba.

2nd. Neale’s Stormalong Romantic Romeo

3rd. Bennett’s Alamayn Solstice Sun.

Class 26 Progeny 2.

1st. James.

2nd. Leathart.

Class 27 Brace 2(1ab.)

1st. Leathart’s & Shelley’s well matched fawns, alone, but fully deserved their place, moved in unison with their handler, really strode around the ring, pleasing to see.

Jean Bayliss.